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pokemon tower defence (weekly review) V 0.1

2011-05-04 08:03:38 by flobabob


first the new trading system on PTD, now it is awsome but there might be a few bugs with it since i lost a shiney gravler as i put in the security code and never got it back so im gutted for that. :P

and we have the next gym battle what is strangly odd since there is only 151 pokemon and a legendary poped out of nowere from a diffrent series of game/anime, other then that it proves as a good challenge from the other levels in the game.

plus get your hands on a shiney ratata before they go ill provide the hyperlink to get you started
click to hunt for that shiney pokemon

pokemon for trade -
ok so im collecting pokemon for trade and i put some rares ones up there, what there is alot of at this moment but soon die down, the current version of PTD i play is blue version so help me out as much as you can and ill try to do the same, anyway here is what i put up for grabs :3

( shiney ) jigglypuff lvl 1
= preview code - 14dd117bdbf45f
( shiney ) pidgy lvl 1= preview code - 14dd116c8ce334

victorybell lvl 21
= preview code - 14dd11741014b9
vulpix lvl 12= preview code - 14dd116185ef9b

with this weeks review i shall give away my prized pokemon lvl25 and ready to lvl agian, thats helped me alot through the PTD levels and hasnt failed me yet, to win this code all you have to do is tell me, what is Volcarona japanese name?
( note: send a comment with the posible awnser, pirate mail and e-mails will not count. )

to get in contact ether leave a comment / mail on newgrounds
or click this link to send a e-mail
click to send a email
note: please dont send abussive/spam emails users will be blocked from contacting me

good luck and all the best

new art ideas

2010-11-13 08:51:14 by flobabob

with the whole slash nipple pics not really taking my fancy ive been more intrested doing pics of yourself and transforming them into a anime type style.

so if you want to take part leave me a message and ill respond to it asap

i would like testers to be creative about this as i dont want people to mess around and make my life harder because of noobness

once i got enothe people for this i will select 5 of them to be shown on NG website


new art ideas

first full slash nipple

2010-11-08 20:11:14 by flobabob

while designing the first full preview of slash what will be shown next week

a couple of other random sketches will be shown from a lil while ago enjoy ^^

full preview of slash nipple

2010-09-27 06:55:14 by flobabob

after creating the face of slash nipple i have thought of creating the whole preview of slash, also feel free to email me if you got ideas for a PIRATE CREW or whatever, just try and make this into something =3